Women in ELT: How can we achieve gender equality? {Seahorse English} Barcelona director Melody Philip to speak on Expert Panel at Trinity `Future of ELT´ Conference, London, UK.

Where have all the women gone?

On 17th June 2017,  I will be speaking as part of an expert panel on the future of ELT and women at the Trinity Future of ELT Conference in London.

Women are everywhere in ELT but yet they are often nowhere to be seen in postions of power and leadership. I will be talking about mentor -coaching and how this can support and empower women in leadership roles or to support women in their development into leadership roles.

We need more role models in areas like academic writing, giving plenaries and management positions and in senior roles in teacher training. All too often women are not putting themselves forward for promotion and advancement and I will be putting forward some reasons why this might be. All to often women are blocked from fulfilling their potential.

So what can be done to redress the balance? I will be mapping out some simple and yet potentially effective ways forward to help to empower more women to succeed in leadership roles, using mentor coaching as a way forward.



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