Trouble and Strife: Reflective practice in Teacher Observation. My talk for Innovate 2018.

It´s that time of year again! It is May so it is Innovate, one the best  ELT conferences you will ever attend. Networking, learning, sharing ideas and CPD.  And all washed down with craft beers and local “vermut”. And Seahorse English director is set to speak there again,

This will be my 4th foray into speaking at the conference and I can´t wait to see old faces and make new friends. I am speaking about reflective practice in teacher observation- which forms part of my research project for my DipTESOL. I have been asking questions like – What is reflective practice and how can we ensure that it is at the heart of teacher CPD? Is it possible to truly develop teacher potential via the route of teacher observation?

I will be asking the audience to reflect on their own journey during the session and I will be sharing some of my initial findings into reflective practice and teacher-centred CPD.  I will also be looking at how we can maximise the full potential of Teacher Observation and use it as a tool to both empower and develop new and seasoned teachers alike.




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