Storytelling Stones

This is the page dedicated to all things storytelling. My name is Melody and I run Seahorse English Barcelona. We have a focus on storytelling as an artform and we provide storytelling via creative writing workshops and, in the future, we will have workshops on storytelling etc. The group on facebook also works with professionals in ELT. Follow the blog to find out more or join the facebook group

Melody’s Bio

Melody Philip was originally a therapist in London, working with children, adults and teenagers. Melody relocated to Southern Spain to be near her family. After a short stint as a volunteer teacher, she took the CELTA at IH Barcelona. She is currently involved in ELT as a teacher and teacher trainer and is based in Barcelona. She runs her own ELT / teacher training project (Seahorse English) in Barcelona, based both on and offline. Her interests include the Dogme Approach and creating supportive spaces for authentic CPD.



  1. Hi Melody

    I am glad I found your blog. Last spring I attended your session at InnovateELT in BCN, it was about observation and reflective practice. I am facilitating a CPD (Reflective) Group in Ukraine, so we share the same interest.
    Good to be in touch!

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